About Us
Handloom Pashmina Udhyog was established  with the goal of exporting splendid hand made items from the Kingdom of Nepal.

We have been manufacturing and exporting the best quality pashmina shawls, clothes, scarves and many other goods to the abroad.

We are Manufacturer, Exporter, Wholesaler and Retailer company of PASHMINA. It consults: Dying Specialist, Designer of Pashmina Shawls. All Exclusive Design (Jackard, Summer Items 100% Pashmina & Silk, Printed Shawls, Beaded & Embridory Shawls), Shawls, Stole,Muffler, Blanket etc. You are welcome to our web page those who wants to deal us for wholesale shopping.

Pashmina has been very much successful in giving a lovely look to every individual due to which has acquired a special place in the fashion of the world. However expensive pashmina may be in the market. Its price compromises with its quality. Now people are having knowledge of its facts and have been left fasinated by its unspiring awe beauty.

The blend of pashmina and silk gives the product an elegant finish creating an exotic beauty which appeals to every one having knowledge of fashion.

Pashmina is the word come from persian word (means wool) is the warmest, lightest, smoothiest. It is very rare and it is not readily aviable. It originates from the land of dities (Tibet the roof of the world) which is the coldest regions where the goats like Capra Hircus are inhabited. These sort of animals can survive at an altitude of 12000ft to 14000ft and can with stand extreme temperatures up to minus 30 degree celsius. There unique animals are the source of pashmina.